About the Screen Actors Guild Of Slovenia

The main purpose of the Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia is to encourage its members to work independently, freely and creatively in favourable conditions, to develop a responsible attitude of its members towards the acting profession with regard to films and audio-visual works, and to deepen the understanding of the work performed by Slovenian and foreign actors.

The main activity of the Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia is the creation and improvement of working conditions for Slovenian actors in all the areas that are connected to film and audio-visual creativity.

The Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia enforces and represents the interests of its members in social life, advocates the freedom of creativity, optimises the position of the Slovenian audio-visual sector, and also encourages fair payment and better working conditions for its members. In this regard it tries to achieve unity among its members and establish, improve and provide minimum standard working conditions on their behalf.

The Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia will participate in the drafting of laws, regulations and plans related to audio-visual works, increasing the professional level of its members and respecting all moral principles in the functioning of the association and its members.

The Screen Actors Guild of Slovenia undertakes to accept and publish ethical rules of the acting profession and will encourage its members to respect them. It will take care of the promotion of Slovenian film art, Slovenian actors and their audio-visual works in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.